The Community Service and Training Division is responsible for a number of activities within the Perry Police Department. Under this division fall Crime Prevention, Neighborhood Watch, Training, State Certification, School Resource Officers, Information Technology, Budget & Purchasing, Senior Volunteer Program and the Citizen and Junior Police Academies


The Perry Police Department works directly with our citizens to promote active crime prevention awareness. Crime Prevention is anticipation, recognition and appraisal of crime risks and the initiation of steps to remove or reduce crime.

  • Establish a network of communication in your neighborhood. Our officers will attend Homeowner meetings and help in establishing the lines of communication to not only get information to you the community, but to get valuable feedback from our residents and business owners about suspicious activity.


The Perry Police Department is committed to producing the most highly trained and dedicated police officers and civilian employees in the State of Georgia. To accomplish this, we maintain a Division that focuses on that commitment to excellence.

The Training Section is responsible for locating, coordinating, registering, and tracking all of the outside training that employees receive. Perry's employees receive the benefit of annual training from our in-house instructors. In addition to department in-service training, the State of Georgia requires that each police officer attend 20 hours of training every year. Some of that training is state mandated with timelines and deadlines, and it is all organized in one office. Training Officer:


State Certification is part of our continued commitment to the citizens of Perry, and has the goal of exceptional police work and customer service. Certification is another way we achieve our unsurpassed relationship with the community.

The Perry Police Department was awarded certification in 2000 and has continued to maintain their certification. The department must pass a regimented three-year process culminating in a rigorous inspection of the department's policies, procedures, and practices to maintain this certification. This requires the department to meet or exceed over 120 standards established by the Georgia Association of Chiefs of Police and the Georgia Police Accreditation Coalition.

Certification increases the law enforcement department's ability to prevent and control crime through more effective and efficient delivery of law enforcement services to the community it serves.

Certification enhances community understanding of the law enforcement department and its role in the community as well as its goals and objectives. Citizen confidence in the policies and practices of the department is increased.

Certification, in conjunction with the philosophy of community policing, commits the department to a broad range of programs (such as crime prevention) that directly benefit the public.


Officers are assigned to the public schools within the jurisdictional boundaries of the Perry Police Department. They interact with the students and staff developing rapports with them and providing role models to the youth of our community. Our school resource officers also teach special programs within the schools to include GREAT, (Gang Resistance Education And Training), ADAP, (Alcohol Drug Awareness Program) and ADVANCE, (Avoiding Drugs Violence And Negative Choices Early).

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